Football player heading the ball at the goal keeper

Football Player Heading the Ball Over the Goal keeper

Playing around with Chat GPT 4 is still amazing, but the first days and weeks of discovery had their speciel sense of exploration into something unreal.

One exercise consisted of letting Chat GTP write a summary of a ficticious match between two leading Swedish football teams, Malmö FF and IFK Göteborg. The final result and some highlights from the match were included in the prompt, but the AI was free to create the name of players and fill the narrative gaps of the match, which were not decided by the prompt.

Chat GPT originally wrote the story about the match in Swedish, and I asked it to translate a summary into English.

The moment before the player heads the ball over the goal keeper, who is too far from his goal to stop the player from scoring.

Translation and Summary Made by Chat GPT-4

Malmö FF clinched a dramatic 2-1 victory against IFK Göteborg at Malmö Stadion on April 14th, thanks to a last-minute header from top scorer Victor Johansson.

The intense match saw Malmö’s Isak Jansson score the opener, which was quickly equalized by Göteborg’s Jakob Pettersson. With the game seemingly headed for a draw, Johansson capitalized on a panicked clearance in the 89th minute, outjumping the opposing goalkeeper to secure all three points for Malmö.

The thrilling encounter highlighted the excitement of the Swedish Allsvenskan and sets the stage for more gripping battles throughout the season.

I used this blog post’s title as a part of the prompt to make the illustrations (Bing and DALLE-E 2).






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