Small coastal, Danish? town with a church. It's sunset.

Is Kristianvadur a Small, Danish (Scandinavian) Coastal Town? Dall-e2 Believes so

Inventive AI-scholar Kris Kashtanova suggested on Twitter her followers to prompt their names to an image generator and observe what the AI suggested.

She got many replies with various uses of names. Often the followers real or invented given names, or their Twitter-handle names. It is a fascinating thread including different image generators. I prompted Bing Image Generator (Dall-e2) with my twitter-handle, which is @kristianvadur. It is supposed to be a compound word concisting of Kristian (my first name) and Vädur (the Swedish name for Zodiac sign Aries).

Dall-e can’t, of course, understand the human reasoning behind the meaning of kristianvadur and had to invent some illustration of the word. It decided to display a small coastal town in a Scandinavian setting.

Initially, I would have suggested Norway, but the landscape is too flat compared with Norway. Many of the houses have a Danish-Norwegian feeling, so it would be reasonable to suggest a hypothetical location of Kristianvadur in the flatter parts of Denmark. But, some of the houses have the charactaristic red colour of Swedish houses! Let’s decide that Dall-e2 believes Kristianvadur is a Danish-Scandinavian settlement. I prompted a couple og times and Dalle-e kept on printing similar results.

Now, I turned the conversation towards my name, Kristian Nilsson. This time Dall-e had a better grasp of the subject. It responded to the prompt “Kristian Nilsson” with a series of images that had many similarities with my younger self.

Four portraits of a young man. They are similar as they have been gerated by an image prompt.
Kristian Nilsson in four flavors, prompted by Dall-e2.

Bing got it right with the hair colour and the hair cut (the two guys on the bottom row). Especially the guy in the bottom left corner have many similarities with me (except the eyes).





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