A colourful AI-generated image of a foodcourt.

What does Foodcourtification mean? Let’s ask DALL-E 2

The word Foodcourtification seemed to have a reasonable meaning around 2015. A world pointing into a future of fake variety in the sense that different features share a common but hidden origin.

In 2023, the year of generative AI, the word can mean something totally different. We promted Dalle-E 2 with the simple word “Foodcourtification” and got very different outcomes.

A dominating percentage showed humans doing something. Either as working at the Foodcourt, or being customers. Some results produced colourful logos. Only a few showed an actual foodcourt (as the featured image at the top of this blog post).

The “best” image was the following picture of a female customer with her hands full of 1) a salad she has picked at the foodcourt, 2) her smartphones (one in each hand). Will she choose to drop her phones or food first if necessary? Sacrifice mental or physical nutrients?






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