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Talking with Chat YouTube

Chat YouTube is an excellent tool to discuss and investigate any YouTube video you like.

I chose to chat with this informative video about new video tool by Matt Wolfe.

Discover the latest fun toys to make video content with Matt Wolfe

It takes a couple of seconds for Chat YouTube to read the video’s transcript and then it is ready for some casual chatting:

Screen shot of Chat YouTube page after it has processed a video and is ready for a chat.

I prompted: Make a list of the various video tools discussed in the video.

It replied after some editing, where I have included the links:

  • Sure, here is a list of various video tools that the speaker discusses in the video:
  • 1. Kyber – used to create a cool animated video effect with a 360 camera shot.
  • 2. Dash ID – used to animate faces.
  • 3. Leia Pics – used to give still images a 3D look.
  • 4. Animated Drawings: A tool for transforming hand-drawn animation into digital animation with the help of AI.
  • 5. PlazmaPunk – a tool that creates videos that are synced up to music.
  • 6. Lumen 5 – a video creation platform that uses AI to turn written content into videos.
  • 7. Moovly – a cloud-based video creation tool that offers customizable templates and drag-and-drop functionality.
  • 8. Magisto – an AI-powered video editing tool that can analyze and edit raw footage into a polished video.
  • 9. Animoto – an online video editing tool that uses AI to create professional-quality video content in minutes.
  • 10. Decoherence: A tool for creating digital art using AI and machine learning.
  • 11. Luma Labs NeRFs: A deep-learning model for photorealistic 3D rendering of objects and scenes from only a handful of photographs.
  • Wonder dynamics: An AI tool that automatically animates, lights and composes CG characters into a live-action scene

You can read more about these and other AI-based tools at Future Tools.





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